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Kobuleti-khino (Ecological Tour)
Acquaintance to historical and cultural monuments and the nature of Adzharii. Picnics and friendly evenings. Total length of a route of 120 km (including 90 km on transport, 30 km on foot).
The trip program:
Day1: the Arrival in Tbilisi settlement in hotel. A supper in tavern where you will try khinkali (Georgian pelmeni). Walk across evening Tbilisi, we will rise on Funikler, whence you can take pleasure in an amazing kind flickering in spark 1500 summer cities.
Day2: the Cathedral of Sameba, foot walk across old Tbilisi, church Metehi (V century), a monument to the founder of Tbilisi to Vakhtang Gorgasali, a kind on the river the Hen and Abanotubani, a fortress of Narikala, church Sioni (VII century), museums of history of Tbilisi "Karvasla", walk along the street Shardeni (Tbilisi Arbat). We will have dinner in Tbilisi pub where will hear such toasts and legend which even Shurik from «the Caucasian captive» could not write down. The area of Freedom and the main artery of all Georgia of avenue Rustaveli. We will take rest in city centre in the park well-known for Aleksandrovsk, near a monument of the honourable citizen of Tbilisi A.A.Sobchaka, go up on mountain Mtatsminda in a pantheon of known Georgian figures where we will go near a tomb of great writer A.S.Griboedov and his wife Nino Chavchavadze when we look at their tombs understand that if there is in this world god is a love. Nearby can visit a tomb of mother I.V.Stalina. Moving by train in Kobuleti.
Day3-4-5: Acquaintance to historical and cultural monuments and sights, to flora and fauna in Kintrishsky reserve. Picnics and friendly evenings. Total length of a route of 120 km (including 90 km on transport, 30 km on foot). Residing at a guest-house in Hino.
Returning in Kobuleti.
Day6: Moving to Batumi, walking tours across Batumi (a pearl Black Sea), visiting of museums, aquariums. Visiting of a fortress of Gonio-Apsar (І), connected with a myth about the Golden Fleece (in fortress territory is Kolkhidy a burial ground of V century BC). The ending of this day is evening Batumi which will subdue any the magnificence.
Day7: the Free time. Excursion in the Batumi Botanical garden (one of the most beautiful in the world) which has been based in 1912 by A.N.Krasnov. Moving by train in Tbilisi.
Day8: Arrival to Tbilisi, moving to hotel. A trip to Mtshetu (ancient capital of Georgia – the second Jerusalem), visiting of a cathedral of Svetitshoveli (where is clothe the Christ), a monastery of Dzhvari (Vв), a monastery of Samtavro, a monastic complex of Shio-Mgvime. A friendly supper (a traditional Georgian feast).
Day9: the Free time. A start
Cost for 1 person 320€ (for group from 10 persons)
Cost for 1 person 340€ (for group from 7 persons)
Cost for 1 person 370€ (for group from 4 persons)
• Hotel accommodation 2-3* and-or a guest-house
• A food day 1 – a supper in tavrn, day 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7,8 3rd a single food, day 9 - the manager, Day 9 - a breakfast
• Transport on the country, a transfer from/in the airport
• Services of the guide accompanying on all route and guides
• A friendly dinner in Tbilisi pub, a friendly supper in Mtskheta
• Avia-flight.
• surcharge for hotel accommodation 4-5*




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