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  Dear Traveler
Tour operator
, Caucasus offers you exclusive prices for hotels at ski resorts Bakuriani and Gudauri!

Are you looking for a truly unique tour - something absolutely new and at the same time as old as ancient Greece? Than "MULTITUR"
has what you are looking for: visit to incredible land of Georgia and the South Caucasus. The country of Golden Fleece, a birthplace of wine, fascinating dance and polyphonic songs, a place where there are no hosts and no guests, where all can travel to discover something special, without which life would be incomplete. You can visit, see and feel, fulfill your dreams, make your trip a magnificent adventure, meet people connecting old culture and tradition with ultramodern life, locals with great soul and a great instinct of ancient hospitality. Do you want active or relaxing vacancy in absolutely new surrounding in multi climate Caucasus Region? Reach Georgian, Armenian and Azerbaijani icy peaks or stay in relaxing comfortable hotel on seaside. Choose any tour with our travel agency and use your opportunity to make your wish true. "MULTITUR"
the leading tour operator in South Caucasus, always will take care of your holidays. Let tour operator "MULTITUR" be your traveler's key to the Caucasus region to make sure that you enjoy your travel and take unforgettable memories with you. You will be able to cover the wide range of its beautiful landscapes, unique nature and great variety of its climate zones, feel Georgia’s truly pleasant climate throughout a year from summer tours for nature lovers and trekkers till winter for skiers and mountain climbers, and in between the autumn beauty of vintage and traditional harvesting. If you happen to come for your business you can still combine your work with great leisure times. From sea to the top of mountains – tour operator "MULTITUR", Georgia and South Caucasus are waiting for you.
Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan
  » 21 May - 4 June
  » 25 June - 4 July
  » 23 July - 6 August
  » 20 August - 3 September
  » 17 September - 1 October
  Minimum travelers 5
  Cost for 1 person: 1430 €

9 days in Orthodox Iberia

Caucasian land of hospitality
Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan. Visit these three countries is the perfect introduction to their great culture, rich spirit and diversity. Travel through the rolling hills and lush valleys, beautiful and scenic Caucasus Mountains and lakes, ancient architectural monuments and fascinating villages.

Visa Arrangement 
Georgian Visas are not required for the citizens of the
countries on the list:USA, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, GB, Spain, Estonia, Japan,reland, Israel, Italy,Canada, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Hungary,Poland, Portugal, Greece, France, Slovakia, Finland, Czech Republic, Sweden,


 Welcome to Georgia!
Dear Friends,

Did you decide to Travel in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, the whole Caucasus, very Exotic, Great Cultural, Historical and Spiritual Countries? You made the best choice! YOUR DREAMS HAVE NO END? OUR IDEAS HAVE NONE TOO!
- Tour Operator and its Travel Agents in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan offer you to Travel and Discover Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, the whole Caucasus, feel, taste, live and breathe their lives. "DL GROUP" Caucasus is a vacation and travel Incoming Company which specializes in the business of travel premiums and incentives. We offer comprehensive travel incentive programs which include "DL GROUP", Tours in Armenia, Tours in Azerbaijan.
Providing a full range of the highest quality business and leisure travel products and services to corporations, groups and individuals. Come and visit 3 of the most wonderful countries in the Caucasus: Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan.
Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan a
re the major destinations for tourists. We offer guided and specialized tours, travel guides, and attractive discounts and packages.
"MULTITUR" Caucasus is the pleasant option for tourist wanting to experience Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan. Specially for the first-timer to the Caucasus, we might seem the l ogical choice, owing to the fact that everything comes with the package. To and from air travel, accommodation, food, sightseeing and guides, and attractive discount schemes are indeed likely to make life easy for the uninitiated beginner. "MULTITUR" Caucasus also makes for an interesting alternative for seasoned travelers. Self sufficient tourists might want to take a break from doing everything on their own, and contacting a tour operator."MULTITUR" Caucasus has tremendous experience in the field of travel, and often experienced travelers learn a lot from their association with tour operators. Packages formulated by the tour operator are usually comprehensive, and cover every possible angle, although some tour operators have the option of modifying the tour to suit the needs of the most meticulous and experienced tourists. Choose or create your own tours: Cultural and Adventure, Wine and Gourmet Tours, Charming and Exclusive, Luxury and Family Weekend Tours, Youth and Corporative Tours, Extreme and Adventure Tours, Hiking and Riding, Alpine and Cave Tours; Rafting and Hunting; UNESCO Heritage, short tours in Tbilisi, Yerevan and Baku; West and East Georgia Tours, Black Sea and H
igh Mountains, Silk Road and First Europeans' Tours.
Touch the History and take part in the Legends. They will give You complete picture of culture, history, nature, grandiose mountains and traditions of Georgia. During these tours you will meet the local people who speak different dialects, observe different traditions, lead different lives, but all of them have one main character Georgian and Caucasian Hospitality in common. You have chance to live with high mountain villages life, as well to burn under the sun of the Black and Caspian Seas. Walk in the ancient cities and cave-towns. Let's follow the First Europeans or Argonauts; St. Nino or 13 Assyrian Holy Fathers; Marco Polo or Alexander Dumas. Climb up or view down from the 5047 meters high
Mount Kazbegi, where Amirani, Georgian Prometheus was chained. Spend Your FREE TIME in Georgia and it will always stay on Your mind. Taste many traditional delicious dishes and famous Georgian wines. Be one of 700 guests at the Georgian Wedding-Party. Spend gaily and enjoy your holidays; Get closer to our grand history and culture; Travel in the past; Take pleasure from beautiful views of Georgian nature and splendid landscapes; Visit cultural and historical monuments and masterpieces; Listen to the Ancient National Folk Songs kept or the world future generations; Share the hot temperament, watching the Georgian Dances.
Don’t delay, contact us and your holidays will be more interesting, impressive and emotional. Our Team of Professionals: Tour Managers, Guides, Instructors, Drivers, Photo and Video Operators will meet and make You sure, that Georgia is small by the territory, but the greatest and deepest by its culture. Tours of Georgia together with its own Transport Company "MULTITUR" Motors has gained a great trust and experience in servicing the foreign visitors, well known travel companies and brands. Professionalism, comfor t and safety are most important for them, as well for us. We offer different tours programmed especially for you, Your Family and Friends. Sincerely,
Managing Director


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